Back to School Activities

We have a big collection of printables and teaching ideas to help you get ready for back to school! I want to share a few of my favorites with you here but you can also find more ideas over on our website page.
Back to school activities

Back to School Blog Posts

Find more ideas, resources and freebies on some of our past blog posts!

Free Coloring Pages

We have a growing collection of school themed coloring and activity pages over in our Pond Coloring Club. These make perfect warm-up activities for the very first day. 

back to school coloring page

3 of My Favorite Printables

Printable Alphabet Posters

Our Alphabet Posters make introducing the letter sounds to your students fun while contributing to your classroom aesthetic. An editable version is included should you wish to use a specific font that suits your learning context. As you learn each letter, reveal the new poster, creating a wall or alphabet line as you progress through all 26.

Alphabet Posters

Pick Me Sticks

Make a flower for each of your students, recording their name on the stem. Pop them into a flower pot and use them as random-name selectors when you have to choose or 'pick' a student! They will love the fairness and excitement of the routine. 
Pick Me Flowers

Better Together Classroom Door Display

New to our door decorations range is the We're Better Together message board and name tags. Rainbow, cloud and sun accents are included too. We think it will make your learners smile the moment they see it!

Better Together

We hope you have a wonderful time getting your classroom ready for your sweet learners - we know you love this time as much as we love supporting you. If you have a request or particular need, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know!

Rainbow Door Display