sh words with Shark

Make learning to read sh words fun with an engaging display in your classroom or learning space! 

Sh is a consonant digraph made by writing the letter s and h together. We have chosen words for our display that contain sh in the initial and final position and have additional single sounds - making them great for beginning readers. 

We created crinkly blue water for the display by scrunching blue tissue paper and pinning the words to this.

shark sh words display

Your learners will love seeing the shark they create lined up ready to help with the reading! They can make their own with paper scraps or use the template in our craft pack. Find the shark paper craft  in our store.

To create the heading and word cards for this display, use our free bonus file available here in Google Drive: Let's read sh words with shark.

If you'd like more ideas and resources for teaching with a shark theme, find our growing collection on the website.