cvc Rhyme Wheels

Our cvc Rhyme Wheels can be used by your students to build banks of words that rhyme. 

  • take a card
  • say the word in the center
  • change the initial sound to create rhyming words as they go around the circle looking at each picture 
cvc word activities
Students can write the new words directly on the laminated wheel or create a word bank on a sheet of paper or mini whiteboard. 

This activity encourages:
  • single letter sound knowledge
  • blending cvc words
  • identifying rhyming words
  • building vocabulary
  • writing cvc words (early spelling)
rhyming words

More ideas:

  • ask students to build the words with magnetic letters or tiles instead of writing them
  • play a class sounding-out game - sound a word from a focus card (c-a-t) and ask students to identify the word you have made
  • encourage students to create additional words for each word family

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