Counting with Candles

With these fast-prep activity mats your little learners will be engaged in an integrated math and fine motor counting experience. They will add candles to each mat! 

Use them:

  • on your electronic board in your whole class lesson
  • in guided math at the small group table
  • in math centers
  • as a fast finisher activity

Counting Candles Math Cards
Team them up with:
  • dry erase markers (draw the candles)
  • real cake candles
  • play dough
  • craft or popsicle sticks
Math Activities

If using play dough, encourage lots of fine motor development with good rolling technique. Students will roll, press and stretch little play dough balls to make candles and add them to each birthday cake, counting as they go. They can say the simple rhyme as they make them.

Let's have a party,
Let's eat cake.
Count the candles,
That you make!

This new resource in our store includes 20 mats - print them full page to '2 to a page' for small mats. A fun number worksheet has also been provided.

Counting in Math Groups
Your students will love pretending they are at a counting cake party! Find them over in our store.
Counting Activities

play dough cake mats