Owl Valentine's Day Craft

Valentine's Day Craft Owl
Some heart owl crafts on display in your classroom or learning space will be perfect for a sweet February! We updated our Owl Always Love You craft pack today to include 2 new versions. 

The pack now includes:
  1. one page craft (all pieces one student needs on one page)
  2. complete version (like a coloring page, all in one piece)
  3. traditional template version - more than one piece on a page, so suitable for printing on colored paper
In the photos on this post, we used the original template version. This allowed us to have multi-colored owls , printing each part on different paper.
Owl Craft for Kids

These owls would also make a nice Valentine's Day gift for students to take home to a parent.

Students will:
  • write three reasons they will always love a family member
  • color the templates pieces
  • cut and paste to make the owl

Kindergarten Craft Valentines Day

Prior to your craft making you may read a sweet text about appreciating family - perhaps Koala Lou by Mem Fox for example. 

Have a class discussion to brainstorm ideas and share experiences. Be sensitive to different student family experiences within your context.