Classroom Welcome

Classroom Welcome Poster

A fast prep welcome poster

If you need a fast-prep way to welcome everyone to your classroom or learning space, we have you covered! Over in our TPT store we have several options for you. You'll be good to go in minutes!

Find all our currently available welcome display printables on our website page.

Why have a welcome display

  • when children start school or join a new class it is important that they gain a sense of security and belonging as quickly as possible
  • they provide an opportunity for the full range of learners in your context to feel seen and appreciated - especially if you add photos of students and yourself as their teacher
  • if you add student names or photos, it helps students get to know everyone in their class 

A fun welcome game to play on the first day of school

  • once your display of student names or photos is up, ask your class to sit in a circle
  • ask everyone to clap twice
  • say the name of a student
  • the group then clap twice again
  • the child you named, now gets to say the name of another member of the class
  • everyone claps twice again
  • the child names now goes ahead and names the next child, and so it continues until all children have been names
  • if you are working on name identification, consider having a set of flashcards spread out in the middle of the circle and you can flip a name once it is said - this will also help you keep track of who has had a turn
Good luck creating your classroom welcome - make it as simple or as detailed as suits your context. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can help!