Robot Finger Play


Robot Action Rhyme
We have a new finger play for you today. Finger plays, or action rhymes are perfect for the early years classroom as you can meaningfully incorporate so much essential learning into short transition times and lesson breaks. 

Students will enjoy and learn from:

  • a fun language/talking experience
  • learning to communicate with their teacher and peers
  • a chance to refocus and transition to the next learning phase
  • moving their body
  • coordinating movement with words
  • hearing and reciting rhyme
  • linking the rhyming text with word - reading

Robot Finger Play

Encouraging positive behavior 

I have integrated some expectation cues in the text to help you use this as not only a lesson break but a way to encourage positive behavior.  

When you say Robot where - students may be unfocused or not in the learning space - as you say Robot here - it will encourage them to come and be with you and the class.

As you say Robot top and encourage your students to reach up high, you will give them to chance to join with the group and then as you say Robot stop, it will remind them to stop anything inappropriate, especially if you make an encouraging, happy glance their way. 

Robot best and Robot rest reminds your learners they can be their best self and to finish with their arms and/or hands in a folded or neutral position ready for focused learning. 

Robot Finger Play

We would love to share the printable finger play with you today from Google Drive: Robot Square Finger Play

Over in the Premium Coloring Club we have added a new robot coloring page. If you are a Pond VIP member, please also know that we're adding all the new finger plays to the Bonus Library for your convenience. 

Robot Finger Play

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