Alphabet Find and Trace

Alphabet Worksheets

Your little learners will have so much fun going on a letter hunt on each page of our Find and Trace Worksheets

How to complete our alphabet worksheets:

  • tell students the focus letter name and sound
  • ask students to say the focus letter name or sound
  • ask students to trace the large letter with their finger
  • give them verbal cues for tracing - e.g. start at the dot, go around, back up to the top and down

Alphabet Worksheets
  • ask students to tap with their finger, all the focus letters they can see
  • tell students to say the letter name or sound, as they tap each picture
  • ask them to now trace all the pictures that show the correct letter name
  • tell them to trace carefully and to try and stay on the line
Alphabet Worksheets
  • after tracing the pictures, your students may like to color the pictures too
Alphabet Worksheets

You can find a page for each letter of the alphabet in our pack over in the TPT store HERE