A bright happy classroom

Bright happy classroom

Are you setting up a space for your kindergarten or first grade learners? We just adore bright and happy classrooms, playrooms and learning environments.

It is important to think about:
  • clear, uncluttered visuals
  • a balance of practical, educational and decorative
  • thinking about alignment - I've always found posters in clear lines and rows easier for students to access and more calming on the eyes
  • having important information at student eye level 
  • following safety guidelines set out by your school
  • age appropriateness - what may engage you in your chic-living-space at home can be yawn-tastic boring and uninspiring for little ones (I'm yet to meet a kid thrilled with palm fronds)
My personal preference, and what I have found works best for my learning spaces is:
  • soft but bright colors
  • clear uncluttered pictures and shapes
  • posters aligned in rows and colums with a consistent edge border
  • un-laminated posters and visual where possible
  • some key staples that stay up all year - alphabet, number line, motivational sayings
  • spaces for seasonal and weekly changeable content
In the classroom learning space above we have featured:
  • utilize bright paper and your students' artwork
  • ask families to donate soft cushions and extras
  • shop yard sales and thrift stores
  • old furniture safely painted can add pops of color
  • drab, plain classrooms can come alive with inexpensive pops of color from simple items like hanging-honeycomb-balls from the party section at the dollar store
  • use beautifully illustrated picture books for added decoration and engagement 

Alphabet Posters

An absolute essential in any early years learning space is an alphabet display or frieze. Create one that is bright, happy and engaging with our editable printable posters.