Shape and Addition Bug Math Craft

Shape Bug Math Craft

Our new math craft - Shape Bug - will help you combine a lesson on 2D shapes and addition. Your little learners can cut, arrange and assemble circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, a pentagon and a hexagon in this activity. 
After making they can also draw dots on the 2 halves of the ladybug's body and record it as an addition problem. You may also like to discuss symmetry in 2D shapes and splitting a group in half at this point too!

As with most of our craft packs, we've provided 3 versions for you:

  • traditional style (multiple copies of each piece on different pages, copy on color paper
  • one-page-craft version (all pieces for one student on one page, students would have to color with pencil or crayon)
  • completed version (like a coloring page, minimal cutting)

This new craft is in our TpT store