Long Vowel Activities

We've added two new literacy resources to our collection, perfect for students beginning to recognize vowel sound letter combinations and read simple words.
A set of fast prep worksheets and a fun interactive bingo game will have your students recognising the main vowel sound letter-combinations in no time! I wanted to take some time today to show you some key features and ideas.
Long Vowel Activities

Vowel Sound Worksheets

  • clear layout
  • skill focused - identify the sound in the word and apply the spelling rule
  • one vowel sound focus per page 
Long Vowel Worksheets

Long vowels included in the worksheet sand games are:
  • ai, ay, a-e
  • ee, ea
  • ie, igh, y, i-e
  • oa, ow, o-e
  • ue, ew, u-e
Long Vowel Worksheets

Long Vowel Sound Game

This fun and interactive game is super fast to prep - with easy clear cutting lines on the cards. The game boards are full page size.
  • play to the traditional rules of bingo - but players cover the word with a picture or letter card
  • boards show a mixture of vowel sounds for review
Long Vowel Worksheets
  • choose to play with letter-combination cards or picture, depending on the ability and confidence of your students
  • mix pictures and letter cards for a fun twist
Long Vowel Worksheets

Long Vowel Worksheets
  • clear layout with simple, decodable words that foster confidence and reading skills 
Long Vowel Worksheets

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