Growing Pattern Activities

Do you need a fast way to prep deep, meaningful learning for growing patterns in first and second grade? Look no further!
This fun math center activity will be prepped in minutes and is engaging for students.

Growing Pattern Activity Cards

Your students will analyze the growing pattern featured on one of the 48 cards, recreate it with pattern blocks and then continue the pattern by 'growing' an additional few stages.
Growing Pattern Activities

Pattern Block Activities
Encourage your students to:
  • describe and discuss the pattern, linking it with numbers (e.g. It grows by adding 2 each time)
  • talk about the shapes used
  • use directional and positional language as they build
Pattern Making in Math
Ask your students to tell you how it grows from the first step to the second. Ask them to add this new part to what they have arranged already. 
Math Activities in First Grade

Printable Pattern Cards

Printable Pattern Cards

Using shapes in kindergarten
Encourage students to 
  • 'keep going' with their pattern beyond the steps shown on their card
  • work with other students if needed
  • create their own patterns after doing a few cards
  • record their learning on a blank sheet of paper
Math activities in kindergarten

Pattern making is so valuable to many mathematical concepts - provide your students with loads of opportunities to make patterns - both repeating and growing patterns. 

This printable activity will save you many hours of your curriculum planing time and is available in our TpT store