Alphabet Directed Drawing

Directed drawing projects can help engage your learners in many ways. A very clear significant memory I have from my childhood is my Dad sitting with me and showing me step-by-step how to draw things. It was engaging, exciting and motivated me to do more. I was not restricted to just the drawings I was shown, it helped me springboard into a plethora other creative projects and ideas. I've also seen this happen time-and-time again with my own children and the little learners I have taught over the years. 
Alphabet Directed Drawing

Directed drawing helps

  • engage creative learners
  • boost confidence in reluctant writers
  • stimulate ideas for writing
  • ignite learning - giving reluctant learners a non-threatening 'entry' into a lesson
  • provide for a way to model drawing skills
  • provides for a way to start brainstorming larger more complex ideas

Ant Directed Drawing

One of our most loved packets Alphabet Directed Drawing over at TpT provides you with 26 main drawings. For each drawing you can choose from 4 different ways to present them - giving you 104 project options. Use them when you are introducing the letters of the alphabet to kindergarten and first grade students, or just use each drawing independently of any association with the letter - for example, the ant project here today could be used during a study of insects.

We would love to share with you today the steps in the drawing for the letter a - ant. Free printable worksheet pages are linked at the base of this post!
  • draw an oval for the head
Ant Directed Drawing
  • next draw another oval for his thorax
Drawing Worksheets for Kindergarten
  • and a final oval for his abdomen
Ant Drawing Pages
  • draw some antennae on the head
Free Directed Drawing Pages
  • draw 6 legs
Alphabet Drawing Projects
  • draw some oval feet
Let's draw an ant
  • finish with a happy face
Let's draw an ant
  • to extend this activity, why not draw the ground and write the word 'ant'
Let's draw an ant
  • write some 'a's along the ground
From the Pond Directed Drawing
  • paint or color your ant if you like
From the Pond Directed Drawing

We hope you love completing this ant drawing and hope our free pages provide you with a fast, practical way to engage your students: Free A for Ant Directed Drawing

If you would like 25 more drawings, hop over to our store to find the complete set.