St Patrick's Day Pre-reading

Get your little learners ready for reading with a fun St Patrick's Day themed literacy center for visual discrimination

Students take a game card and look at the pictures in a line. Encourage them to:
  • point to each picture box,
  • point with 1:1 correspondence from left to right and
  • say the name of each picture
  • find the match
  • do a final sweep of the line of pictures to conform the match
They must then clip the picture with a clothespin/peg or place a counter/chip over it to signify a match.

Alternatively, students could clip them or circle them with a dry erase marker.

Extend your higher level students by asking them to identify the sound that each picture begins with.

There are 36 different game cards, each featuring 5 pictures.

Lots of great learning fun! This game is perfect to play when your students are first learning to read and need visual discrimination practice. If using with children who are already reading it will help enhance fluency and focus.

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