Doubles for Addition

Make learning 2 digit doubles engaging, skill-based and fun with our new Math Pack! These 5 activities will allow you to extend on your students' knowledge of single digit doubles. This is Pack 41 in our series of sequenced math activity packs.

This bundle will help students learning to:
  • use knowledge of single digit doubles to attempt 2-digit doubles
  • double multiples of ten
  • double 2 digit numbers ending in 5 (combine split and double strategies)
  • double teen numbers (using split strategy to double tens and ones separately)
  • apply mental strategies to double 2 digit numbers

Activity 1: Think Doubles

In this write-n-wipe activity, your learners will use our frog, ladybug and owl game boards and use their thinking of single digit addition to double 2 digit multiples of ten.

Add some place value blocks to have them model out the connection. Here they can see the connection between 2 units (dots on the frog) and 2 ten blocks. 

This activity set also includes some game mats that have a mix of single/2 digit related doubles for consolidation. 

Activity 2: Doubles with Five

In this activity, your little learners will make sets of pictures and words to represent various double facts. They will be able to see how 2 fives can be separated / partitioned from the problem and regrouped to make a ten. In the photo below you see that two 25s have been made. Students will count - 20, 40 and 10 (linking the two fives) makes 50 to find this total.

Activity 3: Teen Double

Students will double teen numbers in this activity. They can build number towers from connecting cubes or use these printable cards. They will  place a double side by side and first double the tens and then the ones to find the overall total.

Activity 4: Frog Double

In this activity your learners will be encouraged to fluently double teen numbers using some of the mental strategies they may have developed over the course of completing the previous three activities. They can mentally partition numbers into tens and ones and find the total to cover with a counter of their color. This game is played in pairs.

Activity 5: Double Scoop

Students go beyond teen numbers to all 2-digit numbers up to 50 using mental strategies in this activity. Students love to match scoops and cones to build ice-creams and this activity provides for a wonderful scaffold into 2 digit vertical algorithms.

Each of the 5 small-group activities has:
  • detailed instructions
  • playing cards/boards/templates
  • a worksheet (either a recording worksheet or a fun-follow-up)
  • a cover page to help you organize your resources for future reference
Math Pack 41 is over in our TpT store waiting for you!

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