Black Cat Puppet Craft

We made cat paper bag puppets yesterday. It's kind of a long story, involving mice, books, puppets and chocolate cake. What started out as a gently-suggested frog soon became a cat in our little impromptu puppet show. #whoamItointerruptthefun - so puppet making we commenced. Largely because, of the 350 puppets we seem to have here, 'black cat' is missing from the fold.

Never mind. We do not need much of an excuse to craft. 

To make our adorable cuties we gathered up:
  • paper bags
  • black paint
  • sponge brushes
  • googley eyes
  • heart shaped buttons - you could use paper or felt
  • glitter glue pens
  • glue stick
  • white craft glue (for eyes and button)

After painting the bags and waiting for them to dry (insert hair dryer here), we:

  • folded back a small section at the bottom of the bag, (which is the head of the cat)
  • found the center of the fold and held it down with a finger
  • peeled back the corner from this center point to make pointy ears
  • glued down flap and ears
  • drew a mouth and whiskers with the glitter glue

We used ours as a puppet in a story we are putting together (more on that later), and then hung them up on our display board. We'd love to see yours - tag us on Instagram so we can see!

Earlier this week we released Math Pack 41 which helps your learners with 2 digit doubles for addition. We've been playing some of these games too and will pop back tomorrow to show you in more detail. But in the meantime I am excited to share with you a cat (or course!) themed play-on-the-page game for doubling teen numbers! See how fast your students can be at memorizing these addition facts. Start by helping them partition the tens and ones and doubling each side before combining. In no time they will memorize them I'm sure!

Play-on-the-page games are SO easy to prep - just print one per pair of learners in your classroom. They can each use a different colored pencil to keep track of turns - or place in a sheet protecter and use with dry erase markers! 

Download this one from Google Drive to play today: Halloween Spin and Double Teen Numbers Game

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