Winter Wombat Craft

We made a one page snow wombat craft after reading this endearing children's book and we would love to share it with you today!

Wombat Craft For Kids

One Page Crafts are perfect for when you need an engaging practical craft activity that takes just minutes to prep.

You will simply copy one page per student to complete the craft.

Students color or paint their page before cutting and assembling their wombat. 

Wombat Craft For Kids

Wombat Craft For Kids

As an extension use one of the coordinating 'writing papers' to complete a written project to display with the project. There are no prompts on each writing paper, which will allow you to create your own myriad of writing lessons!

Wombat Craft For Kids

Find the wombat templates in Google Drive: Snow Wombat One Page Craft

We also have an 'animal' collection of one page crafts, that includes an animal for each letter of the alphabet. 

It includes the following projects:

1. aardvark
2. beetle
3. cow
4. dragonfly
5. eagle
6. fly
7. giraffe
8. hen
9. ibis
10. jaguar
11. kitten
12. lobster
13. monkey
14. numbat
15. ostrich
16. peacock
17. quokka
18. rat
19. sheep
20. tortoise
21. unicorn
22. vole
23. wombat
24. ox
25. Yorkshire Terrier
26. zebu

You can find it in our TpT store HERE

And if you are keen to see more of our One Page Craft packets in my collection, find them HERE