Write a Letter to Santa

Christmas is a wonderful time to introduce or develop letter writing with your students. Letter writing is a formal method of written communication, but a fabulous way for students to write for a genuine clear purpose, within an authentic experience. 

We've read and seen many ideas for incorporating more modern communication methods with our little ones - emails, text language, emojis etc - but the reality often is that many parents of young children are actively encouraging less screen time and withholding devices with email and texting abilities until well into high school. Often, our little learners are more familiar with a written note than email or texts. 

Letter writing may be less used in the modern world by adults, but you will be surprised how much students love to learn more about how to send their friend, or Santa a hand written message. And in my experience, they especially like addressing and posting the envelope!

Our newest printable packet includes a fun 'Dear Santa' banner to help create a gorgeous little writing center. Pop it over a desk and include paper, pencils and envelopes.

A letter writing page is also included so students can write to Santa. 

As with all our banner packets, I've included a blackline version so you can save on ink and color or paint your pennant pieces. 

Our new printable classroom 'Dear Santa' banner packet is now in our TpT store

I also created a tracing activity for students to work on their pencil control and early handwriting skills. Find that today in google drive: Santa Mail Tracing Page Worksheet 

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