Growth Mindset On Display

Helping develop a positive, motivating or growth mindset in your classroom can be fun, creative and visual with our Color Create Motivate series of posters!

Simply print from the range of posters we provide and get your students to join your classroom decoration design team!

Positive messages in the classroom

The messages in Set 2 are uplifting and will encourage your students to think positively. They include:
  • Yes you can
  • Your smile will change someone's day
  • Find the happy in today
  • Your thoughts are seeds
  • Be brave
  • Be thankful
  • Working on hard things will make you strong
  • You can always smile
  • Believe in you
  • You can and you will
  • Dream every day
  • Read, know, learn

Students being creative

We have also included the 12 posters in a 'word free' version so that you can ask your students to create their own 'word art' and motivational messages!

Switch your classroom posters out often for maximum impact. If students help create them, they will notice them, internalize the messages and engage with them.

Here are some of our favorites included in the set:


Hop over to our TpT resource store to find this printable packet for sale:

We made a special bonus coloring poster for Christmas, just for you!

Find it in Google Drive ready for coloring - Merry Everything and a Happy Always Coloring Poster

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