B and D Reversals - Put Your Bs and Ds to Bed

It is very common for our little learners to reverse b and d both when reading and writing. The 'put your b's and d's to bed' concept will provide them with a practical recall strategy for remembering how to write them. 

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Tips for teaching b and d reversal reminders

  • As well as remembering the 'bed' picture, show your learners how to hold their thumbs up and out to make their own little bed with their hands. 
  • When you introduce this poster visual, allow students time to trace the b and d with their fingers so kinaesthetically they become aware of the straight line end of each bed. 
  • Put a finger across your closed lips and show them how when we say 'b' we start with a closed mouth (a straight line) and the 'b' sounds, pops out - much the same as when we write it. We start with a straight line and then pop the little round loop out. D is opposite - out mouth starts in a little round open position to say the 'd' sound. 
  • Let students match magnetic letters up to the bed picture.

Our free printable also includes a 'one page craft'. Cutting, positioning and gluing the bed together will give students the opportunity to experience placing the b and d into the correct position, and reinforce the need to have the straight ends at each end of the bed. 

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