My Family Home Drawing Page and Poster

I did a sketch on Saturday to reflect my love of home life and turned it into a coloring poster at the request of a few of my followers. I would love to share it with you too. Perhaps you can use it when exploring family and home with your students. 

Providing opportunities for your students to discuss their home and family life will help them develop their identity and a positive sense of self. Being able to share about their role and responsibilities in the family will give them the confidence to discover their role at school or within the learning environment. They can build confidence and connections with their peers.

Free Coloring Page Family And Home

Talking about families

I blogged a week or so ago about Owl Bat Bat Owl the book. What a great opportunity to revisit the story to explore the topic of family, and differences in families. There are no words in this book which allows you the opportunity to engage your students in storytelling. 

After reading, ask your students to:

  • describe the families
  • talk about how the bat and owl family are similar
  • talk about how they are different
  • talk about how each owl and/or bat behaves different in the family
  • describes the roles/behaviors of family members
  • compare experiences revealed in the book to their own life

Book About Family

Sharing about family

Students can share about their own family, with the class.
  • ask them to draw a picture or write about their family
  • ask them to choose a family member and tell some interesting facts about them
  • compare family sizes and graph the results as a class
  • brainstorm roles, responsibilities of different family members and discuss similarities and differences
Depending on the social and cultural context of your school, there may be some sensitivities that you need to observe when discussing families with your students. In some circumstances it may be more appropriate to ask students about 'who lives in your home' rather than using the term 'family'.

Free Coloring Page Family And Home

Free Coloring Page Family And Home

I've added a few options for the coloring page, including one where students can draw people in the windows. More than one person can be drawn in each window for large families. 

Find this printable in Google Drive to download - There's No Place Like Home Coloring Page

Draw Your Family Worksheet

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