Goals, Growth Mindset and Catching Stars

Discussing and writing learning goals during the school year is an amazing way for students to have ownership of their learning. 

It can help build classroom community and help students to feel empowered. Once goals are set you can guide them with practical strategies to help them take steps for achievement.

I have a directed drawing art project to share with you today that makes a nice accompaniment to a reading of 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. Help students soar to the stars with their goals!

Simply download the printable pages from Google Drive and have students draw and/or paint their rocket. Writing paper is also provided should you like to extend the learning opportunity. 

How to Catch a Star is a lovely story about a boy who would like a star of his own and sets out to catch one. What makes it perfect for study is the straightforward plot development. The boy faces one challenge after another and each attempt to catch a star fails. This provides plenty of opportunity for students to both discuss and write about the structure of the story and how the story moves and develops. Very clear events and cause-effect stages are shown in the text and delightful illustrations. 

Within this simple but unfolding story are some very gentle reminders about having a growth mindset and not giving up. The end has a lovely little twist where the boy finds that some things can be discovered when we expect them the least. 

You can find How to Catch a Star over on Amazon. By using this link, it is makes no difference to your experience but we may earn a small affiliate commission. 

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Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about our printables, I hope you love How to Catch a Star as much as we did!