Bee and Me

Bee and Me (amazon affiliate link) is a beautiful picture book without words. The stunning images throughout the book tell a very detailed story full of feeling, sensitivity and charm.

Sam has studied this book very carefully several times since it arrived in our house just a few days ago. He was fascinated as I made up words to tell a story for each page. By the end of the book, he was telling the story!

The story outlines the growth of a very special friendship as a little girl lets a bee into her apartment. The bee takes her on a journey of discovery.

This book would be perfect for your lessons on inferring and summarizing. Students would need to be provided plenty of time to study the pictures and opportunities to put the story into their own words. Through this process they would naturally be inferring and summarizing as they worked to develop meaning from the pictures and link ideas from page to page.

What a wonderful time to also introduce your students to comic style writing - largely picture based. Let them draft some ideas using illustrations only. Later, a few words and speech bubbles can be added.

I've made a template for a bee themed comic for you, you can find it in Google Drive HERE

I would suggest leaving Bee and Me on your classroom or home library shelf for a while. It is a gem of a book that seems to provide for wonderful new understandings upon each new read. Every time you turn the pages on a new reading, you find layers of deeper and new meaning. Beautiful!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I wish you a wonderful and happy week.