Craft for Consonant Blends

We added a One Page Craft pack for consonant blends to our TpT store earlier this week.  Some requests came through for a princess to accompany the prince and a 'scooter' as an alternative to the schoolhouse that is provided. 

Both have now been added to the pack. If you have already purchased, simply download the revised version from your account.

Today we would love to share the 'scooter' template with everyone so that you can make a 'scarecrow on a scooter' when learning the 'sc' blend. The scarecrow was shared here on my blog last year. 

Just print the 2 pages and you are set!

Find the scooter craft HERE

Find the scarecrow craft HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog today, we appreciate you so much. If you would like more crafts for blends, head over to TpT (it is still on sale)!