Alphabet Craft Pack

This bundle includes all 26 of my "Alphabet Cut and Paste Paper Crafts"

We have included one for each letter-sound of the alphabet. 

Each craft has been pulled from the "Let's Learn the Alphabet Super Set"

I have provided templates for students to color/paint/decorate and cut. They then assemble the craft by pasting each piece together. 

an apple craft

Simple directions are provided for each craft also. 

a lemon craft

a jelly on a plate alphabet craft

Included is:

a - apple
b - bug in a bath
c - cute carrot
d - dog
e - chick in an egg
f - funny fox
g - gumball machine
h - hexagon cutie
i - iguana in an igloo
j - jelly on a plate
k - king koala
l - lemon head cutie
m - magic mouse
n - nest of birds
o - orange octopus
p penguin with a pencil 
q - quiet queen
r - robot
s - sliding snail
t - turtle
u - umbrella raindrop
v - violets in a vase
w - watermelon cutie
x - ox in a box
y - yellow yak
z - zoom zoom car

Each craft comes with a step-by-step instruction page and has been designed to have VERY simple shapes and cutting lines - perfect for your little learners. A few of the crafts do have several more pieces, and you may find it best to help cut these for your students.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog to learn more about our printable teaching resources!