Reading Strategy Posters & Printables

Learning about the strategies that good readers use can be enough to help your little learners who are struggling with the emergent stages of reading begin to focus and attempt their practice more readily. 

They help make something a little daunting seem possible. They can help your kiddos understand what comes naturally to many readers. They break the reading process down into actionable behaviours. Embedded in a class program full of meaningful and authentic rich literacy experiences an awareness of explicit strategies can boost the reading skills of everyone!

Print the pages of this packet to make some super cute and bright learning resources to support your reading strategy lessons.  Choose one to focus on each week or fortnight and integrate it into your regular literacy lessons. An explicit demonstration or modelling of the strategies need only to take a few minutes and the continued reflection back to a classroom visual will support the strategy throughout the year.

My fun animal reading strategy prompts are provided in the following formats:

- Page Size Posters 
- Printable Pennant Banner
- Strategy Sticks (circle prompt to add to stick or ruler)
- Blackline coloring page for students to take home

I've also included a one page display header 'Our Reading Strategies' so you can make a title for your learning or reading space. Giant bright printable letters spelling R-E-A-D are also provided for your classroom wall. A student bookmark is also included for reference.

Simply choose the pieces you would like to include and print, cut and clip to a line or bulletin board!

The following reading strategies are included:

1. Eagle Eye - look at the picture
2. Lips the Fish - get your mouth ready and say the first sound
3. Predicting Pig - think about what would make sense
4. Stretchy Snake - stretch the sounds
5. Tryin' Lion - reread and try a new word
6. Chunky Monkey - look for chunks you know
7. Skippy Frog - skip, read on. come back
8. Flippy Dolphin - flip the vowel sound

Perfect for emergent readers these strategies and printables will be fun, engaging and make your learning space ADORABLE!

The coloring pages make a good communication tool to send home with students. Families can support their readers at home by talking about the strategy.  

The posters can be displayed in the classroom as you learn them.

Use the strategy sticks in small group experiences to focus student attention on your explanation and lesson.

This new pack is in my TpT store today and is on sale. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog - have an awesome day!

- Mel x