Let's Learn the Alphabet

Teaching the letter sounds of the alphabet just got a whole lot easier with our fun printable packs!

All 26 packets in my 'Let's Learn the Alphabet' series have been completely revised. 

Each packet has a set of vocabulary cards so you can introduce the new sound for the week and talk to your students about how it sounds in a word, how to articulate the sound and make a focus wall of focus words. Get your students to draw more on sticky notes and add them to the display. 

A little focus song can be introduced, with the song cards. Sing to the tune of 'Farmer in the Dell' and your students will be singing along all week!

The handwriting cards show the placement, size and shape of the focus letter in a sky/stem/dirt arrangement. This will help them understand proportion and the difference with upper and lower case. 

They can practice with a dry erase marker on a laminated lined paper board. 

There are a variety of cut/paste/write/trace worksheets that can be done at school or as assessment or homework. 

The 'Letter Hunt' activity is always a winner!

Teach early reading skills with the little paper cut and paste mini books. Students need to match a picture with a word to complete each sentence. 

The 'Letter Home' 'un-homework' style page can be sent home to help communicate with parents about your learning in class and give them some ideas for activities to do at home. 

Spin and Write alphabet wheels will make an engaging learning center and students can keep the wheel to practice saying their 'p' words!

Each packet has a very simple paper craft. Students love being able to cut and create for themselves and these big fat line pictures will engage them and build confidence. 

Paper chains are an interactive activity that can help build teamwork and class community. Have your students trace the focus letter, link a few letter strips and then join with their friends to make a giant class paper chain to display for the week!

If you have not seen the free Let's Learn P Packet, please head over to my TpT store to find it HERE

If you have the BIG BUNDLE, be sure to download all the new packets from your 'My Purchases' tab!

Also, stop by my store and grab this freebie to supplement your class lessons. It is a 'desk helper' and will help students become familiar with the little song-based phrases to remember their letters - 
e.g. penguins painting pictures for the letter p!