Be a Pineapple!

Hi friends! 

It is so much fun to have a pineapple theme in your classroom and teach your students to 'stand tall' and be 'sweet on the inside'. This banner will help you implement that mindset in a snap.

Today, my newly 'Be a Pineapple' printable banner pack is on sale!

My printable banner packets provide teachers with an easy and practical way to add some 'wow' to the classroom with a bright and fun display! They also provide opportunities for students to become 'classroom decorators'. Simply use the backline versions and get the paints or crayons out! Your kiddos will enjoy being part of the banner-design process.

Remember, you can mix and match any of the pieces to create an arrangement that is perfect for you! Mixing pieces from different packets would also be a fun way to make something unique for your classroom. 

The 'Be a Pineapple' theme will encourage your students to celebrate diversity and foster positive feelings about themselves. A pineapple has thick skin, stands tall and is sweet on the inside. It will help you discuss with your students how they can be assertive and protect their self-esteem, yet remain a happy, friendly and 'sweet' person!

Included in this packet is also a writing prompt pennant - students can describe how they they they are similar to a pineapple! Should be interesting to read ;) 

Find this new banner packet in my TpT store HERE

Have a wonderful day, friends! 

- Mel x

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