Write and Wipe Fun!

Recently, I've added a few new Write'n'Wipe card activities to my collection

Write'n'Wipe cards are a practical and fun way to get the necessary repetitive practice of essential skills completed by your learners. 

Double Frog will turn doubling BIG numbers into something fun for your students! 

Robot Skip Count has cards that cover the 2 to 12 times tables and gets your students revising skip counting in such a fun way, they won't even realize they are working hard!

Crabby Times will target the times tables specifically and mix it up with random arrangements to challenge your super clever learners!

Robot Addition Frames provide 6 challenging questions on each card!

As do the Doggy Division cards!

Caterpillar Count will get your students counting in forward number sequences from different start positions and this one is a FREE download! 

Turtle Round is a much loved original and has been revised several times! It is still FREE and will become a class favorite for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by today - enjoy the sunshine if you have some!