Friday, 22 January 2016

Five for Friday - 22nd January

Hi friends! 

I am starting to get myself out of summer-mode and back into the real world! What better way to get back in routine that with a Five-For-Friday post! 

Making a point of taking photos through the week to share in a FFF post is a great way to relish the small moments in life and build a sense of accomplishment out of the sometimes-random-and-chaotic world of being a teacher - if you don't currently do a post for this link-up, I highly recommend it. Add a reminder to your diary to think about a photo each day to share. I love the fact that there are no rules, and really - that is how Friday should be!

1. Sweet Games
I started to prep some sweet games this week, ready for February. This one will help familiarise students with a 100 chart. It is in my bundle HERE

2. Cupcake Months 
I found these cute free templates in Amy's store and printed them on bright paper for a months-of-the-year display! They would also be great for birthdays!

3. Big First Day
You may remember when I posted about the birth of my sweet baby boy back in 2012. We have been on such a journey together here at home. Sam had his first day of preschool this week. He loved it. I cried. Life is beautiful but oh so rapid. My arms ached all day for one of our frequent hugs. Today I am writing this post from a house that just has me in it. Maybe the second or third day in 8 years all to myself. It is strange - quiet and empty. I am beginning to think Saturday will become my new favourite day. 

4. Happyness
I went to the art gallery this week to see an exhibition called Happyness. In short, spelled incorrectly to reflect the notion that things can be messy or imperfect and still bring us joy. 

Loved it. 

This is a growing artwork that we could add to by folding a paper/ribbon star. It was breathtaking.  

5. Mathtivity
Combining math and creativity in one fun learning experience - meet my fraction robot

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Tidy Teacher said...

I love your fraction robots! Cute resource! Have a HAPPY weekend!

Ashley Reed said...

We made your fraction robots today and the kids had a blast! I posted them on Instagram @JustAshleyReed

Heather VanKuiken said...

Those fraction robots are too cute!!! LOVE it!! And Sam is also too cute! Congrats on making it through his first day of preschool :-)

The Land of I Can

Purple Palmetto said...

Your son is adorable! You did a great mom-job of dealing with the first day of pre-school. His fun stories will make your day each time he goes to school and soon it will just as fun for you. Keep writing about it so you feel good. :)

Mel Lloyd said...

Dawn, you are SO right - all the little stories he told me made me so happy when he got home and definitely made me feel better! :)