Sunday, 17 January 2016

Clipart for Teachers

As some of you may already know, I also blog over at Graphics From the Pond, with news and updates on clipart that I make for teacher-authors!

For 2016, I am giving my second blog a little rest and putting all my posts here. Each week or so I will do a quick review of new sets and revisions.

Today I listed 'A Little Stitched Up'. Inspired by one of my older sets - "All Stitched Up'. 


I have given my 'Fancy Hearts' a little bit of a makeover. I got a little emotional doing this one, as they were images I made when I was still exploring my software and learning to get control of mouse-drawing. I thought they were fabulous at the time. Eek! It is a reminder for me to see how far I have come on this challenging and fun journey. 
I was so tempted to try to make them 'perfect' when I revised them, but I undid a lot of my changes and kept them true to the originals as much as possible - warts and all. I think lots of people enjoy the whimsical nature of them. 

I added 2 new frogs to my 'Frogs' set. Pretty proud of the clever name for this set ;) 


A black and pale pink set of numbers have been added to my Heart Numbers set - just in time for Valentine's Day resource-making!

The parade of penguins has turned from five to seven! 


New cupcake additions in the rainbow set and a fresh new palette of colours for my STILL FREE Scrappy Hearts!


If you own my Star Papers and Borders - find 4 new pages when you download and a bunch of new stars in my FREE Scrappy Stars set!


I have listed two brand new sets this weekend - Love Birds and Sweet Tens Blocks


If you receive the daily TpT 'New Items Listed by your Favorite Sellers' email - you will notice that I have my new sets marked with a black label to show their discount. The price shown in the email will be the full price, you need to click through to my store to find the sale price. I leave my sets on sale for 24 hours after the release of the email. 

If you are interested in receiving these daily alerts from TpT - you just need to 'follow me' over at TpT. 

Please keep a look out for a fundraising bundle that will be released this week, to help a family that has been through some difficult circumstances. I will post again to let you know when it is available. I have donated the following 2 new exclusive sets to support this special family. 


I've also been adding new daily doodles to my Monthly Clipart Addicts sets. I love trying to include as many ideas of yours as possible into these bundles, so if you have any, do not hesitate to send them through! 


Thank you so much for stopping by - have a wonderful day!