Five for Friday - July 24th

Five for Friday time my friends. Despite this being one of my most favourite things to do in the week, I am reminded that yet another week has gone by and there is no slowing down. 

I preface this next sentence with a warning that it may cause distress for some readers. 

There are only 153 days until Christmas. I am organised like that. Except that I am not. I just found out by visiting this horror site  website-Christmas-countdown-tracker-thingy. Designed to make eyeballs explode. 


1. This sweetie. 

Love him so much and more and more each day. I am so proud to be his mother and am enjoying being his best friend for now and soaking up as many hugs and kisses that I can.

2. Scrappy Decor

Deanna and I have put together 2 bundles of 'scrappy inspired classroom decor. I have a few extra surprises to add to these bundles shortly. You can find them in Mrs Jump's store HERE

3. Cold

Like, ten degrees cold driving to work. brrrrrr

4. Clipart Sale

I am joining in with some teacher-clipartists from TpT for a fun little sale. Head over to my graphics blog to read some more!

5. A stress-less reminder

Regular blog followers will know that I am reading a little book of tips to keep from getting too stressed-out! 

One I liked this week was "Get comfortable not knowing". This is something I have to constantly work at. Most of the time we blow everything out of proportion and think of terrible things that 'will' happen. But.....they mostly never do - so quit worrying and be happy 'not-knowing'! 

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