Five for Friday

Hi friends! Five for Friday randomness is here.

weekend is feet up

What a week it has been. This is how we have all felt, here in my house.

1. Tired. 

How can a week of no electricity make us tired? I have no idea. But we are feeling it. It has also been 'back to school' week for me as the week of storms took our schools out. I am very happy it's Friday!

2. Times Tables Poster

I found the cutest times tables poster ever! 

3. Early drawings

Mr 3 is drawing up a storm this week!

4. I'm a Grown Up

I got to work for 2 hours in a REAL office last Friday. Sooooo exciting for someone that has spent her whole life in school! I had a little room of my own and it was insanely quiet and clean.

And NOBODY put their hand up to tell me that their uncle's best friend's cousin's neighbour had a birthday. Or that their glue stick had ran out. Nor did anyone ask me how long till home time.

5. Mother's Day 

It's almost upon us - if you need some last minute ideas - check out this post on Blog Hoppin!