Sequence and Write - Activities for Beginning Writers

One of our 'Sort and Sequence' visual texts -  'Balloons for Friends' is just perfect for integrating with a unit of work on Valentine's Day as well as being great any time through the year when you are discussing friendship or sharing.

The 'Sort and Sequence' pack is great for encouraging writing and a richer understanding of the visual information in texts. 

Valentine's Day Writing Activities

It include printable pictures that you can 'talk' through and sequence with your students. Print full page, or just use your printer settings to do '4 to a page' to save on paper and ink. 

Discuss with your students, the pictures on each poster and what they are telling you about the story. This will help build your students' awareness of the visual information in texts and how it contributes to meaning. 

Valentine's Day Writing Activities

There is a sample text included to give you an example to model to your class.

Valentine's Day Writing Activities

Ask students to assist you in creating a story to match the pictures. Undertake a collaborative story writing session and record the story on the board or chart paper. Use the poster cards to match each part of the story. You can use this opportunity to discuss and model writing strategies. 

Students can then sequence their own version of the pictures and glue them into order. 

Valentine's Day Writing Activities

I have provided both a landscape and portrait version of the worksheet. The pictures would work very well in a writing journal as well, if these lined paper worksheets do not suit your learners. 

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