A Peek at a Peek of a Week

Hi friends! I hope you have had a great start to the week. I am excited that I will meet some new first graders this week and am already starting to prep some fun literacy activities to get the year off and moving. 

I wanted to share some 'small literacy group' teaching plans with you today, but I just have not quite got them ready.

I will show you a quick peek and what my peek will be, and hopefully I will have some printable plans ready for tomorrow!

A review of single sounds and cvc words is a great place to start with new first graders. For the first rotation of any 'small group' program, I always suggest planning activities that your students will be able to complete independently with complete success. They have so much to learn in a new classroom and with new class friends around them, let them focus on the 'new routine' without overloading them with too many new academic concepts. 

As well, plan some easy-prep 'fast finisher' activities, so if your students finish their group task, they can 'stay in their group' while they wait for the other students. 

I just listed a follow up to my Alphabet Rainbow Writing packet - a cvc Word Families version. This would be a great activity for your first round of small groups. As students go 'over and over' the letters with rainbow colours, ask them to verbalise the sounds - this will help consolidate the idea of bending single sounds to 'hear' a word. 

You can try the 'at' page for free!

Click HERE to find the download.

Find the full packet HERE

Other activities that will be in my plans for the first week of small groups are:

a basic alphabet bingo that reviews a variety of representations. 

And some games that review cvc words. This one from Mrs Wills has long been a favourite of all my students. It is a Monster Truck cvc game, and students always want to play this over and over again!

Another game is from Mrs Jump and involves students sounding out 3 letter words and scoring 3 in a row on their game board. This is another game that my students have always loved. You can find it HERE

Thanks for stopping by my friends, I will be back very soon with my plans for you! 

In the meantime, head over to Mrs Wills Kindergarten and see the very organized people that have linked up already with their plans!