Pop Tens!

I want to share with you today, a fun game that my students are always thrilled to play. It helps them build up their understanding of place value and seeing numbers as groups of tens and ones. 

I use a commercially produced game called 'Pop for Numbers' that is great for Numeral Identification. It has lots of gumball cards inside that each feature a numeral. 

Students take a ball from the container, and collect the same number of ones.

Upon their next turn, they collect another set of ones. Once a group of ten can be formed with the ones they have collected, they can trade it in

And so the building begins... 

if a 'pop' card is revealed, this player returns all their blocks to the tub and must turn their gum ball numbers over. The building then commences again. 

Your students may also like to practice building specific numbers using a new file of mine called "Show Me the Number Fun Book".

You will tell them a number for each page, and they can use MAB equipment to build the number.

The pages of this file can be printed and made into books for your students. 

You will direct the students to write a number on the "show me" card..

Students will then colour...

Trace .... 


Draw ..... 

And create an interactive flap page... 

to show their understanding of the numbers. 

You can direct your students to show an understanding of numbers between 1 and 99!

Find it here in my TpT store!

Have fun with your tens and ones! Thanks for stopping by!