Sunday, 26 January 2014

Patch Up Post!

Brooke from Teachable Moments has a brand new Link-Up for blogs that need a little bit of love! We have been on Summer Break here in Australia for the last 5 weeks and head back into the classroom next week... sigh... so our blogs have been a teeny tiny bit neglected..

So this post will hopefully patch things up somewhat and shower a little bit of love on our blogs.

I made this printable scrappy worksheet for the first week of school. It is great to start the first week with a few "getting to know you" activities! Students can finish this picture by drawing in their facial features and filling in some basic information about themselves. 

You can snag it from Google Drive by clicking on the image below

or by clicking HERE

If you need more activities for these first weeks at school, my friend Deanna has this great unit. I have used these with my kinders before, and they love them!

Last week, one of my new teacher friends, Susan, showed me this FABULOUS worksheet - you may have seen me share it on Facebook

I LOVED it and was so happy to hear that she was about to make a set of them. My daughter and I had dragged out my box of picture stamps over our break, and I had actually started to wonder how I could utilise them more in the classroom. This idea is brilliant! ALL students love to stamp, and this activity will have them stamping AND working on essential writing skills at the same time! They will help you teach sentence structure, sight words and essential reading skills all at the same time. And did I mention that they are FUN!

Susan has made a free sample of her 'Stamp Sentences" so you can see for yourself how wonderful they are! Click on the image below to find it at TpT!

Head over to Teachable Moments to link up and show your blog some love!

Thanks for stopping by today!


First Grade Funtastic said...

I am so jealous that you are on SUMMER break right now. I'm wishing really hard for summer as it's been brutally cold here. We've had 3 days of school called off in the past 3 weeks do to -34+ degree windchills. Enjoy your first week back to school. Thanks for the freebie. It's super cute!
First Grade Funtastic

Allee Ellen said...

So you are getting new kiddos soon, correct? Starting a new school year? That's so strange because we are right in the middle of our school year! The differences between schools in the southern and northern hemisphere have always baffled me.

TheElementary MathManiac said...

Can't wait to check out the stamp sentences! What an interesting idea. Good luck getting ready to go back to school:)

The Math Maniac