Five Fab Friday Freebies

It's time for another Five Fabulous Friday Freebies! I may struggle to get words typed tonight, as my mind is mmmmoooooooooosssshhhhhh!


And to make my brain even less .... well... brain-like (sorry, like I said, no words... just moosh) I find out this exciting news via my laptop, logging in to type this very post, with  So You Think You Can Dance Finale on TV. And a tin of Quality Streets next to me on the lounge.

And a hot cup of tea on the coffee table.

Can you see why I have the moosh happening!?

Yes, you heard right - we are around 6 months behind the US in SYTYCD episodes. Don't even think about telling me who wins in this finale, my US friends..... I have done quite well not to google it yet.

But the news... ELLEN is coming to Australia! Too exciting! I'm going to have to post about it again later, cause I am too bloody excited to type! Ellen... in Australia.. wow!

But let's get these fabulous freebies featured! I have tried something different this week and actually printed the activities and completed them with my daughter here at home. Yes, school can not come quick enough for her!

1. The wonderful Lita Lita has shared with you, a printable Spring Craftivity to complete with your students. I am sure I have said it a thousand times, but I will say it again, I love me some Lita Lita resources! I can't help but think I would be great friends with Lita if we lived less than a million miles away from one another. This is another adorable cutie!
Download it from TpT HERE

 2. We loved playing Erica Fisher's Roll and Color, that will be great for Valentine's Day. Grab two standard dice, copy the sheet and you are set.
Find it HERE

3. These have been printed and placed in my "I must do this when I am back in the classroom" folder!
Miss Erin has provided tickets for Classroom Super Fridays. I LOVE these tickets and cannot wait to motivate my next group of students with this unique idea! You can find them HERE
 Thanks so much Erin!
 4. We wrote some cvc words on this simple, but very effective worksheet from Jennifer Drake. I love these cute little penguins and they are the perfect shape for including a fun little picture for worksheets and centres!

Jennifer has included a page FULL of centre ideas for how you can use her cvc worksheets, and let me just say, that there is one involving a pen and a sock that is just BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE and PERFECT for kindergarten. I can't wait to use that idea also!

Find this cutie freebie HERE

5. Lastly, the 3AM Teacher has a gorgeous set of owl freebies on her blog to giveaway. Michelle does amazing things, and I never get tired of looking at her work. Head over HERE to find them!
Thank  you to all the kind teachers that shared these resources for free. You are wonderful!