Building a Positive Classroom

Teachers here in Australia are beginning to think about the return to the classroom for a brand spanking new year.
Although many thoughts about room set up, resources, name cards, programs and plans will be running through your mind, you will be no doubt thinking about how to create your classroom atmosphere. Get a group of experienced teachers talking on this and and you will be stuck for hours! Every classroom has a different one, with different rules, personalities and standards. Kind of like blogs in a way! The image above outlines a few of the things I keep in mind when I am establishing my classroom. It is not an exhaustive list and just what I have learnt from trial and error over 12 years. I like to run my blog with the same values.
What things are important to you when establishing an 'atmosphere'. 

I just revised one of my first addition games I made for From the Pond - 'Addition Race'. It always feels good to have a freshen up!

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