Friday, 7 September 2012

Five Fab Freebies

Frog Spot Five Freebies
During 2010-2011 I 'met' a fellow seller in the TpT seller forums, Pam. She had a blog called The Vintage Teacher. I helped Pam with quite a few things for her teaching resources and it gave me great joy to know that I was helping someone on the other side of the world and that in a small way I was helping her to achieve some dreams. We sent emails back and forth for a while, and while she never shared too much detail, I got a sense that Pam was not in a great way. Sadly, Pam passed away last year, but her blog and TpT store remain so we can all still celebrate the wonderful things she did. Every Friday she would help promote fellow TpT sellers with her 'Five Friday Freebies', and I was lucky to get a spot on her blog a few times.
I never got the chance to say goodbye to Pam, or ever really 'meet' her, but I do think about her often.
Today, I am going to blog about FIVE fabulous freebies, rather than just one in honour of Pam. I see that Pam got 22 weeks of five freebies, I can only say I hope to get that far :)
1. Apple Happy Gift Back to School Gift by Cindy at Kinder Kay - Read the description of this totally cute product over at TpT and you will get a glimpse of the absolutely super sweet Cindy! I want to meet this lady one day! I love her products as much as her kind happy approach to everything. Cindy has put together a lovely set of resources to create a gift for your students to welcome them back to school. Cindy has an apple theme in her classroom this year!
2. Owl Book Tubs by Jessica Tobin - this 18 page FAB freebie has already been downloaded over 1000 times, so chances are you may have seen it already, but I could not resist putting it in. Jessica is another super sweetie from Teachers Pay Teachers. This file has everything you need to get your book tubs organised and labelled and Jessica has included blank labels so you can add your own topics too!
3. Back to School Writing Paper by Merinda Powell - these funky writing pages will excite your students and help them present wonderful writing pieces in the back-to-school weeks and throughout the year. Another fabulous seller with a fabulous FREEBIE!
4. Odd and Even Boo by Ann at Hippity Hop Teacher Spot - the delightful Ann has put togther a colourful and cute packet that includes a game for helping students revise odd and even numbers! You can also find other fabulous resources to link up with this one at my Spooky Linky Party Ann - you know I think you are wonderful and always enjoy reading your funny emails!
5. How to Make an Alligator Puppet for Greater/Less Than by Martha Moore - Martha is another seriously sweet and happy TpT seller who is always sharing her positive attitude! I simple CANNOT wait to make one of these guys! Martha - you are so clever! This alligator will help your students to understand numbers that are greater/less than, and make it FUN!
I hope you love these 5 FAB Friday Frog Spot Freebies as much as I do! Some seriously hard work has been put into creating these, so if you download them, pay the kindness forward by leaving a sweet comment and feedback score.

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