Fancy Font and Paper Circles

Today, my daughter and I had a great time making some simple paper crafts from my new resource file, A-Z with Paper Circles.

I made this resource for those moments in the classroom when you really want to quickly engage your students in something meaningful, practical and fun... but  you have not had quite the time to do a lot of planning or preparation.

For these crafts, you really just need to spend a short amount of time at the beginning of the school year, teaching your students how to fold a paper circle equally.

ALL of the crafts in this resource are made entirely from the segments that you cut from a paper circle. We call them Brennex Circles here in Australia, and EVERY K-2 classroom has a supply of them usually!

So, all you need for a basic paper craft is paper circle like these ones here. Of course, you can add any other craft materials to make your projects more detailed... but  it is a great idea to have the basic on hand for when you just want something quick, easy and simple.

For each letter of the alphabet, I have included a page that shows the finished picture, a page that details the pieces needed and one that can be photocopied if needed. You may want to do this if you do not have access to coloured paper circles. These pages would be great for displaying  on the Smartboard or Interactive Whiteboard, so students, sitting at their desks, can clearly see the pieces they need to cut from the circle that you have provided them with.

You can also turn the craft into a phonics activity by using the included worksheets. Teach your students to sing the words and they will have no problems remembering their letter sounds.

Here are some that we did today to decorate our toy room!