Sunday, 16 October 2011

FREE Big Bad Wolf Writing Pages

The Big Bad Wolf!

He pops up in The Three Little Pigs and again in Little Red Riding Hood - The Big Bad Wolf! Although some students may be a little wary, most will find him a little fascinating. Especially if you read a story like The Wolf's Story - What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood 

I had fun designing this scary cute BBW graphic and also putting together a series of five writing activities that will cater for all your ability levels.

CLICK HERE to download it from TPT - I am making it free for a whole week!

As well as activities in a standard font suitable for most schools, I have the worksheets prepared in NSW Foundation which will be suitable for my Australian friends :)

If you would like a font for another state - please let me know- I was going to include them all, but the document would have been way too long!

Activity 1 is a cut & paste sentence maker. Your students will learn about putting words  in the correct order, leaving spaces between their words and print having meaning. I always enlarge these to A3 and do them as a whole class, modelling all the strategies "good readers and writers" use.

Activity 2 is a tracing activity - students will need to read the sentence first and then copy by tracing the letters in the correct formation.

Activity 3 - students who are able to copy print from models will enjoy this one. They can first read the sentence and then copy out the sentence (or write an alternative) underneath.

Activity 4 requires your students to fill in the missing words (they can choose) to complete a WANTED POSTER for the Big Bad Wolf. Talk about different words that can be used to describe and the features of this sort of text type.

Activity 5 can be used for your most confident writers and will require them to complete a WANTED POSTER independently. Brainstorm a bank of words before you begin to give them a start.

I hope you and your students like using these worksheets - let me know if you have a great activity for the Big Bad Wolf!


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Very cute! Thanks!
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So cute! Thank you for sharing! :)
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