Writing Letters of the Alphabet

writing letters of the alphabet

Are you teaching your children the letters of the alphabet? Three pracrtical activities to start include:

Using magnetic letters. 

Magnetic letters are a fun way for children to learn because they can be easily manipulated and arranged. They are easy to hold, switch around and incorporate word making into activities. Children can use magnetic letters to spell their names, talk about the sounds, and for playing games.

Singing the alphabet song. 

The alphabet song is a classic way for children to learn the alphabet and order. It is a fun way to start your day of learning and there are many health benefits of singing too!

Reading alphabet books. 

Alphabet books typically feature a different letter on each page, along with pictures and words that begin with that letter. Keep them in your home or classroom library to talk about letters and the order they appear in the alphabet.

Once you've completed some initial letter formation activities and your children are ready to practice writing neat letters for handwriting practice, you may like to use our sound street activity cards.

alphabetical order activity cards

On each card students will write letter in upper or lower case and practice alphabetical order from different starting positions. They can use dry erase markers directly on the cards or copy the line into a writing journal or book. 

Learning the letters of the alphabet is a fun and exciting adventure. Children can explore the world of words through books, songs, and games. Have fun with these cards and let me know if I can help create another activity perfect for your classroom!