Fraction Robot


fraction robot

Are you looking for ways to make lessons on fractions more engaging for your students? Here are 3 easy ways to get started:

  • Use manipulatives. Fraction circles, fraction bars, and other manipulatives can help students visualize and understand fractions.
  • Connect fractions to real-world examples. Have students find fractions in their everyday lives, such as in recipes, on clocks, or in measuring cups.
  • Make fractions fun. Play games, sing songs, read stories and do crafts that incorporate fractions.
fraction math craft

3 Reasons Why Visuals Are Important in Math

  • Visuals help children understand abstract and often-difficult concepts. For example, a child might have difficulty understanding the concept of addition until they see a visual representation of two sets of objects being combined to make a larger set.
  • Visuals help young children develop spatial skills. Spatial skills are important for math and other areas of learning. Visuals can help young children develop these skills by providing them with opportunities to see and manipulate objects in space. For example, a child might play with fraction blocks to help them understand how parts combine to make a whole. 
  • Visuals help young children make connections between math and the real world. Math is often seen as a subject that is separate from the real world. However, visuals can help young children to see how math is used in everyday life. For example, a child might create a picture that combines shapes or separate parts to make a whole or a new shape.