Valentine's Day Classroom Door

 Create a Valentine's Day Classroom Door with your learners by having them contribute to a collaborative art project. I added some printable pages to our Valentine's Day card pack for you to quickly print and make one. Just trim and glue 4 page together and you're set. You could also draw one on large paper. 

Students will tear a piece of colored paper to add to the heart. 

You could also:

  • let them punch paper hearts using a paper hole puncher
  • get them to fingerprint on the heart
  • draw lines across and down the heart and have them paint or color a section
  • trim little pieces of pretty fabric and glue them to create a messy patchwork effect
Talk to them about covering a large area to integrate some math language. 

You could:

  • talk about how the area to be covered is flat, not curved
  • count how many pieces were used to cover the heart
  • talk about how some pieces were more suitable to use than others - and why
  • go outside and let students trace each others' shadow - then cover with plastic lids or other equipment you have available - discuss why covering curved shapes leaves gaps

Some language you may model using: 

gaps, no gaps, between, cover, fits, doesn't fit, on top, smooth, flat, edges, points, sides, surface, next to each other, on top of each other, pointy, straight, inside, outside, line, bigger, smaller, side by side, edge to edge, overhang, overlap, on top of, like a rectangle, like a square, like a triangle,  

I hope your students love helping to create their classroom door display or poster! Find more ideas and resources for Valentine's Day HERE