Yellow Owl

Are you teaching with an owl theme or topic? Perhaps you're implementing some lessons and activities for

  • nocturnal animals
  • day and night  
  • informational writing

We have some owl activities and resources ready for you!

Today I have a no-prep language and listening game to share with you. It will help children distinguish between two sounds made by ow (owl and yellow). Use it for a literacy warm-up, lessons transitions, movement or brain breaks.

Owl and Crow

  • yellow owl is up in the tree
  • black crow is below (on the grass)
  • tell students to listen carefully to the words you say
  • when they hear ow (as in owl) they stand and stretch (up to the brown branch where owl is sitting)
  • when they hear ow (as in crow) they sit (down on the grass below)
  • say words and have students stand and stretch of sit when they hear the sound in the word

Ow Words (as in owl)

  • brown
  • chow
  • cow
  • clown
  • crowd
  • crown
  • down
  • flower
  • fowl
  • frown
  • gown
  • how
  • howl
  • now
  • owl
  • pow
  • power
  • rowdy
  • towel
  • tower
  • town
  • shower

Ow Words (as in crow)

  • below
  • blow
  • blown
  • crow
  • glow
  • grow
  • low
  • mow
  • pillow
  • show
  • slow
  • snow
  • row
  • throw
  • tomorrow
  • know

Ow Yellow Owl

Your students may like to make a yellow owl to remind themselves of the two sounds of ow! 

This one is in the Pond Coloring Club craft library. 

yellow owl