Shape Friends

shape friends drawings

Get your children excited for geometry with our 2D Shape Friends! They can first draw a standard shape and then turn it into a cute character! 

Today I will share the steps to the circle cutie with you - but 9 more are available to you in the printable pack!

  • start with a big circle

circle drawing

  • draw little sticks for the beginning of the arms and 2 L shapes for the beginning of the legs
art project shapes

  • finish the arms and legs

circle drawing

  • draw big eyes and a bow

art project drawing

  • add some happy cheeks and a big mouth

kindergarten shape activities

  • zig zag some teeth
Shape Activities For Kindergarten

Now paint and crayon your shape cuties to make a beautiful classroom display!

Art Projects For Kids

You may also like the draw more shape friends page over in the free Coloring Club library

drawing shapes