One Snail One Sun Drawing

I'm sharing with you the steps your little ones might like to follow to draw a snail scene!

This can accompany a reading of One Little Snail our new action rhyme!

Learning About Number One

The action rhyme is perfect for integrating when learning the number one - especially at the beginning of the school year. 
  • talk about how a snail has one head, one foot, one shell, one tail etc
  • talk about other things that come in 'one' - the sun, Earth, each child in your class
  • ask students to think about what things they have one of - one head, one belly button, one nose etc
  • find things in 'ones' around your school or classroom
  • practice writing number one
  • teach the sight word 'I' and how it looks like one tall person standing up
  • talk about how there is only one Monday in a week, one Tuesday etc and practice saying the days
  • talk about how there is only one teacher in the classroom (if this is true for your context) and the classroom routines associated - waiting our turn, raising our hand, listening carefully, following rules
  • encourage students to draw lots of 'one' things in their picture to add to the scene or background - one flower, one sun, one cloud, one bird etc

One Snail One Sun Drawing

Here are the steps - enjoy!

If you'd like to integrate more activities with the action rhyme or drawing, find some inspiration over on the resource page!