Fish Roll and Color Page

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Here are 3 ways to play with our Fish Roll and Color page from the Pond Coloring Club!

1. Standard Subitizing

Roll a standard die and find a matching fish to color. Use dot pattern or numeral dice for different skill development!

2. Multiple Roll
Let students roll multiple dice - for example, 3 standard dice. They can find 3 fish at once and start to build visual memory for multiple patterns at once. 

They may even begin to combine them to find a total (even though that is not the skill focus) - great for early addition!

roll 3 dice

3. Make a total

For students working at a higher math level, provide 20 sided dice (or similar). They roll and find a combination of fish that make the total. For example if 19 is rolled, they could color 6, 4, 5 and 4.

addition roll

Find this page over in the Roll and Color category!

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