Fireworks 3 Ways

In the Premium Coloring Club library we have a page that encourages your children to draw more fireworks! 

Here are 3 ways to use it!

Firework Words

Ask your students to think of words to describe the sound, action or sight of fireworks. Write them on a class chart and then let students create a word-art page. They can simply write a list or use fancy letters!

fireworks activity page


Create dazzling, swirly fireworks with a simple technique:

  • cover the space with thick waxy crayon - lots of colors
  • apply a semi-thick layer of black paint over the top and wait a few minutes
  • before the paint sets, create the swirls with a craft stick
  • snap a third of a craft stick 
  • place the craft stick piece on its edge and swirl around, smudging through the paint to reveal the bright colors
fireworks painting


As suggested on the page, have students draw additional fireworks to their own design or style! 

drawing fireworks

Find this page over in the club today!